Why Taurus?
Field Proven

Since 1971, Taurus has been providing products and services designed to meet the electrical and environmental requirements of our customers' ESP cable, I-Wire and Chem-Line installations.

These include Wellhead Surface Connectors, Wellhead Penetrators, Lower Pigtails, Packer Penetrators, In-Line Connectors, Potheads, I-Wire Splice Kits and various specialty products.

Fast Response

Taurus excels in quickly responding to our customers' needs. We began as an oilfield service company over 30 years ago, and still possess the same attitude of diligence and helpfulness to this day.

We pride ourselves on our rapid response. In many cases, we have gone from the initial customer request to design, fabrication, testing and shipping of a completed certified product in just a few days.


Taurus produces various Feedthru Mandrels and Connectors that are compatible to previously existing and new ESP cable products from other major brands.

This allows the end user to replace only those components that are no longer reliable (regardless of manufacturer) with components that retain the same form, fit, and function.

Custom Design

Taurus designs products to fit a wide variety of Wellhead and Downhole specifications. We accommodate customers’ specific application needs, designing products from materials ranging from mild steel to Inconel X-750, for both benign and harsh environments. When an existing system is not the right fit, Taurus` engineering staff provides a custom designed solution to address the specific needs of the installation.


In addition to new components, Taurus offers the option of reconditioning Wellhead Penetrators, Packer Penetrators, Instrumentation Wire and Chemical Injection Tubing. In many cases, this has resulted in substantial savings in time and/or expense for the end user.

Reconditioning can make if possible to quickly and economically replace a one-of-a-kind product. It also significantly extends the life of I-Wire and Chem-Line, allowing these components to be re-run multiple times.