About Us

Since 1971, Taurus has been in the business of providing products and services custom designed to meet the electrical and environmental protection requirements of our customers’ ESP applications.

We began as an oilfield service company, and have retained that service mindset to this day. In order to quickly respond to our customers’ needs, we are open 7 days a week. In many cases, we have gone from initial customer request for a product to design, fabrication, testing and shipping in a matter of days.

Our electrical product line runs the gamut from a simple Wellhead Penetrator to a fully certified Class I, Division 1 explosion-proof Wellhead Feedthru System.

Although Taurus specializes in supplying connectors and penetrators used for the installation of downhole electrical submersible pumps, we also provide a variety of products and services associated with installing and re-processing Instrumentation Wire and Chemical Injection Tubing Systems.

Taurus Engineering, Inc. (TEI)

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Taurus Control Corp. (TCC)

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Taurus Engineering and Control (TEC)

Casper, WY
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