Packer Penetrators

Custom Design for Any Packer

Taurus provides a variety of packer penetrators, ranging from traditional top down Connectors to Lower Feedthru Systems. Taurus Penetrators are available with an assortment of features to suit your down hole needs, and incorporate essential aspects of Taurus Technology to insure a tailor-made fit to your packer system. Contact Taurus Engineering Staff with your specific application needs and we will custom design a system for you regardless of packer dimension or uniqueness.

Upper Connection Options
Flat or Round Cable
Integrated Male Connector
Chem-Line and/or I-Wire

Taurus Penetrator Body housing styles are available to fit any cable size and attach to any packer using various methods, including Taurus' Independent Interface Technology. The body styles shown below are just a sample of the wide variety of custom designed Packer Penetrators from Taurus.

Body Variations
High H2S Applications
Independent Interface
Adjustable Connection
Chem-Line and/or I-Wire

Lower connection options feature Taurus’ Independent Interface Technology, wherein a “Sub” is threaded into the packer to which the Penetrator body is attached, allowing free independent rotation of threading components. Independent Interface Technology provides for an easy connection to the packer, eliminating cumbersome and time consuming threading processes that force technicians to rotate entire downhole systems during installation.

Packer Options
Standard Threads
Stab in system
Breach-Lok system
Dual String Adapter
Tapered threads provide a mechanical and environmental seal.
Allows connection through the packer without having to turn the entire system to thread. Simply thread Sub into the packer, stab in the Penetrator, and tighten with set screws.
Innovative form of quick connection to packer without having to thread entire system. Thread Breach Lok Sub to packer, drop in Penetrator, and lock the system with a quarter revolution.
Allows multiple ESP systems to connect to Packer.

Contact Taurus for staff with your Packer Penetrator needs.