Taurus Hybrids

Reduce Costs: Eliminate Lower Connectors without Wellhead Modifications

Taurus' Hybrid Wellhead Feedthru system is designed to convert over old-style Feedthrus without having to modify the existing Hanger. At the same time, it reduces the number of electrical components used; resulting in lower cost and improved reliability.

Hybrid systems consist of a Wellhead Adapter, which screws into the top of the Hanger; and a Feedthru Lower Pigtail that slips up through the bottom of the Bonnet and/or Hanger and mates with the Wellhead Adapter to create a Taurus Hybrid. Taurus Hybrids are available with any size or type of cable and connect to any Taurus Surface Pigtail.

Hybrid Assembly
A Hybrid Wellhead Adapter threads into the bonnet and/or hanger. The Hybrid Feedthru is fed from below and mates concentrically through the adapter.
Hybrid Variations
Bonnet only
Tubing Hanger only
Replaces Mini Mandrel
Bonnet and Hanger Systems
Flanged Retention

Taurus Hybrids are designed to replace packoff style, standard slip, and other older systems without having to undergo wellhead modifications. Packoffs contain a rubberized seal and that is compressed on the wellhead surface around electrical cable to contain gases and fluids. Unfortunately, they are considered an ancient technology that provides inferior pressure and environmental sealing effectiveness. Taurus Hybrids allow an easy and economical conversion from old style Feedthrus to a fully certified Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof system.

Taurus Staff will custom design a Hybrid system to fit your wellhead. Contact our Engineering department with your specific application needs and we will create a custom system for you that will allow you to convert an old-style Feedthru wellhead electrical system without having to undergo costly tubing Hanger modifications or replacement.

Taurus Mandrels are shipped standard with Thread Protectors. Pressure Plugs are also available when required.

Taurus also provides Redress Kits that allow an end-user to effectively clean and re-use Hybrids for a considerable savings of time and cost.

Hybrid Feature Options
Wellhead Type: Tubing Hanger and/or Bonnet (Tubing Head Adapter)
Connection: Field Attachable or Pigtail
Cable Accommodations: Round, Flat, I wire and/or safety disconnect
Max Amperage: 140 A, 154 A, or 205 A
Max Voltage: 2400 V or 5000 V
Retention: Flange or Thread

All Taurus Hybrids, regardless of certification, are engineered to be explosion proof. In addition to rigorous design testing, each Hybrid is current and pressure tested well beyond field and certification maximums to insure quality.