Lower Connectors for Traditional Three-Piece Electrical Systems

Eliminate Costly Flat to Round Cable Conversions

Taurus offers an array of Lower Connectors for traditional three piece electrical wellhead systems. These robust lower connectors are field or shop attachable (or shipped with Cable Pigtail installed), and feature key facets of Taurus Technology.

Taurus Lower Connectors connect to most Mandrel types, and are designed to eliminate flat to round cable conversions, allowing a customer a considerable savings of time and cost. Taurus Engineering staff will rapidly design, fabricate, test and ship a Lower Connector to meet your specific application needs, regardless of wellhead type or uniqueness.

140 Amps
154 Amps
205 Amps
Connector Protector

Unlike traditional Lower Connectors on the market today, Taurus Lower Connectors are designed with variable sized back housing and adapters. These back housings allow any style and size of ESP cable to be molded or attached to the connector without forcing a customer to undergo costly and time-consuming flat to round cable conversions.

Cable Options
Flat Cable
Round Cable
Field Attachable

Taurus Field Attachable Technology allows technicians to attach cable to Connectors on site or in the shop. Our Field Attachable System uses robust MiniSplice Technology that requires little-to-no new training for a technician and has industry leading reliability. Taurus also offers Lower Pigtails that are direct molded in our warehouse using Taurus’ advanced rubber injection systems. Standard pigtail types are stocked in 12 foot lengths; with custom lengths available upon request.

Taurus Lower Connectors are manufactured from alloy or stainless steel. Each Connector has a specialized interchangeable Back Housing, Cartridge Body, and Adapter in order to adequately meet the requirements of your application.

Taurus sealing Technology provides a system with three lines of defense against environmental leaks. Our drop down Coupling Nut Technology allows a technician to verify a thorough seal before completing installation in the field.

Taurus also provides Redress Kits that allow an end-user to effectively clean and re-use Lower Connectors for a considerable savings of time and cost.

Lower Connector Feature Options
Wellhead Type: Tubing Hanger and/or Bonnet (Tubing Head Adapter)
Connection: Field Attachable or Pigtail
Cable Accommodations: Round, Flat, I wire and/or safety disconnect
Max Amperage: 140 A, 154 A, or 205 A
Max Voltage: 5000 V

All Taurus Connectors, regardless of certification, are engineered to be explosion proof. In addition to rigorous design testing, each Connector is current and pressure tested well beyond field and certification maximums to insure quality.