Cable Type: #2 Non-Shielded Cable
Max Amperage: 140 A
Max Voltage: 2400 V

The Taurus 140A Surface Pigtail is a key component of a fully certified, Class 1, Division 1, Explosion Proof wellhead system.

This robust surface connector utilizes #2 Non-Shielded cable. #2 Non-Shielded MC-HL cable is good for hazardous area applications ranging up to 2400 Volts and 140 Amps.

Cable lengths are typically made to custom order due to the uniqueness of individual wellhead layouts.

The Taurus 140A is made from a cast stainless steel body and features an aluminum-bronze Coupling Nut to insure a high quality connection to any wellhead mandrel. The cable to component connection is created using an advanced proprietary rubber molding system that insures a high quality bond. The overall height of the 140A is one of the shortest in the industry, and its geometrical compactness insures a fit to most wellhead types, regardless of flange or bonnet location.

All Taurus product designs are thoroughly and extensively tested at pressure, temperatures, voltages, and current that stress them significantly beyond rated and field maximums to insure reliability. In addition, every individual product is tested before shipment to a customer.

The 140A is fully certified by the Canadian Standards Association for use in Class 1, Division 1 hazardous locations, and bears the CSA mark.

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